Tapping / installation of service connection from the distribution line to the requesting customer’s service meter line. Availing of the service requires applicant’s information, submission of required documents, and payments of fees and charges. The service is extended to all residents, commercial and government entities in Pozorrubio within the service coverage area of POWAD and Primewater Pozorrubio. The service can be availed in the Customer Service Section of the Commercial Department.

Office or Division: Commercial Division
Classification: Complex
Type of Transaction: G2C – Government to Citizen G2G – Government to Government G2B – Government to Business
Who may avail: All individuals, households, offices, and establishments within the service coverage area of POWAD and Primewater Pozorrubio can avail of the said service
Duly accomplished Application for New Water Service Connection Form or Service Request Form (1 original) Customer Service Assistant
Proof of ownership of lot or building either land title or tax declaration ( if not yet transferred—Deed of Sale/Deed  of Donation/Identification papers)  (1 photocopy)   Citizen or client      
One valid ID: Driver’s license, passport, company ID, Voter’s ID, GSIS ID, PRC ID, and other government issued ID (1 photocopy)   LTO, DFA, Company, Comelec, GSIS, PRC  
Proof of relationship of applicant to the lot owner, birth certificate/marriage contract/baptismal certificate (as required) (1 photocopy)   Affidavit of Consent/Authorization from the  lot or house owners prior to application (as required) (1 photocopy) Civil Registrar’s Office       Citizen or Client
Sketch or location map of proposed site (1 original) Citizen or client
1.    Inquiry   1.    Conducts a quick interview of the applicant to assess his/her application requirements and gives list of requirements and customer information sheet for applicants completion and compliance None 5 minutes Customer Service Assistant
2.    Submit necessary requirements needed to frontline desk personnel 2.    Receive, check and verify the completeness of the submitted requirements, data gathering and encoding in the system for computerized application form fill-up and printing None   17 minutes   Customer Service Assistant  
3.    Wait for the inspection and assessment 3.    Undertakes site inspection and assessment and estimation of the required materials and service fees None 4 hours   Technical Team  
4.    Wait for the approval of application request 4.    Forward the processed application to the approving authority for approval and prepare and compute total cost of  material None 20 min   Customer Service Officer
5.    Payment of installation fee and materials             5.    Collects payment and issue the corresponding official receipt       Application Fee – P2,500   Deposit (for commercial connection) – P1,000   Additional Service Fee (crossing the road) ·         National Road/Main Road – P450 per meter ·         Barangay/Interior Road – P350 per meter   Labor/Materials – subject to the unit/quantity to be determined by the Technical Personnel 5 min             Customer Service Assistant        
6.    Orientation and Contract Signing 6.    Inform the applicant regarding PrimeWater rules and regulations during the signing of contract   None 5 min   Customer Service Assistant  
7.    Installation of service connection or implementation of service request   7.    Release of materials Advises applicants regarding the schedule of tapping   7.1 Prepares and forwards job orders for tapping to Maintenance 7.2 Actual installation of water service connection   7.3 Secures conforme/signature on Acknowledgement Receipt   7.4 Verification and zoning     None               15 min         2 min 1 day     3 min     1 day   Inventory Officer       Customer Assistant   Maintenance/Plumber     Maintenance/Plumber     Commercial Team    
TOTAL: 2 to 3 working days

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