Operation Control & Supervision

Pozorrubio Water District entered into a Contractual Joint Venture with PrimeWater Infrastructure Corporation (Primewater) for the Financing, Development, Rehabilitation, Expansion, Improvement, Operation and Maintenance of the Water Supply System of Pozorrubio, Pangasinan effective June 1, 2019. With this, POWAD’s functions have been reduced to monitoring only since the operation of the water supply service is already on the Primewater.

The District which acts as the Contract Monitoring Unit (CMU) under the JV structure is composed of five personnel headed by General Manager Ma. Rowena Natividad V. Gatchalian, Marivel C. Soriano, Amanda Callao, Analiza Garcia and Mabelle Rubrica.

The policy-making functions remains with the Board of Directors, and the general supervision and control with the General Manager.

With employees retained in the office, to compose the Contract Monitoring Unit (CMU) and perform the routine government transactions, the organization is now under the straight-line supervision of the General Manager. Considering that revision of the structure cannot yet be acted upon by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) without the guidelines coming from the PPP office for the water districts that have entered into a JV with private companies, POWAD still operates under its old divisions or areas of responsibility, based on the Revised LWD-MaCRO and the last approved POP and structure for Category C water district.

The Administrative & General Services and Finance Divisions  has two staffs, the Corporate Budget Assistant is responsible in all matters related to accounting;  monitors the District’s budget; ensures that all financial statements and reports are prepared and submitted promptly; maintains all financial and accounting records, responsible for the maintenance of the  books of accounts and all accounting records, documents and the preparation of Financial and Accounting reports , responsible for the control of payroll deductions, preparation of payroll, and maintenance of records of salaries and wages of employees of the District. The Storekeeper conducts/ Monitors the periodic physical inventories of Stock Materials and Supplies, Fixed Assets, and Properties, monitors the updating and safekeeping of personnel records, monitors compliance to statutory, regulatory laws, rules & regulations on personnel matters, ubmits reportorial requirements to CSC and other government agencies. Further, property management and personnel matters are still lodged in this division.

For Commercial Division, the Utilities/Customer Service Assistant E monitors the Commercial activities of PrimeWater involving the customer service and customer accounts, at the same time, handling supervision over the Division.

The Engineering & Construction and Production & Water Quality Divisions manned by the Engineering Assistant. She is then responsible for the monitoring of the water quality, project implementation, maintenance activities and other technical matters.

The Utilities/Customer Service Assistant D acts as in-charge in monitoring the compliance of Primewater on the agreed terms as per JVA concurrent to its functions under the Office of the General Manager and Board of Directors.

The Contract Monitoring Unit (CMU), per JVA, as its name suggests, monitors the adherence of the other party to the Joint Venture Agreement, compliance with the service obligations stipulated thereto, conducts detailed review, impose compliance measures upon PrimeWater to make good its obligation with respect to the management of the JV assets, and to resolve customer concerns/complaints.

The POWAD CMU has no more frontline services. However, given the task of monitoring how the JV partner carries out the contracted responsibility of public service providing basic necessity, POWAD maintains its Vision, Mission and Performance Pledge, in all means its functions can reach.

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