Mission & Vision


We, the officials and employees of the Pozorrubio Water District commit to effectively and efficiently operate and maintain a water supply distribution system thereby providing our community with reliable, continuous, clean and potable water supply and consistently distributing the water at an adequate pressure and dependability towards total customer satisfaction.


A viable, reliable, service-oriented public utility operated and maintained by efficient, well-trained and well-equipped personnel with the full guidance and support of the Board of Directors through sustainable development and eco-friendly programs and projects, sustained by a satisfied, supportive and caring community.

Value Statement

Our service is measured not just by the physical structures we generate but by the goodwill of the people we serve. We shall serve with integrity, honesty, trasparency and excellence.

Strategic Objectives

As mandated by PD 198, the POWAD has the following objectives:

a.)  To acquire, install, improve, maintain and operate a water supply and distribution system for domestic, industrial, municipal and agricultural uses for residents aqnd lands within the boundaries of the District;

 b.) To provide, maintain and operate wastewater collection, treatment and disposal facilities;

 c.) To conduct such other functions and operations incidental to water resource development, utilization and disposal within the District, as are necessary or incidental to said purpose.

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